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Why trust me to be your Personal SEO Coach?

Yo AdrianI've been actively working full-time in this industry for over 12 years. I've seen the industry endure many challenges and have worked closely with some of the largest programs to view these challenges as opportunity to strengthen and to grow. My specialty in this industry has always been a combination of SEO, as a means to lessen the dependency on affiliate traffic, and program monetization strategies. I have the experience, the insight and the network to help teach you how to rank all of your adult sites extremely well. My unique strategies and targeting methodology are demonstrated clearly and discussed openly with all members of Adult SEO Training.


What a decade in Adult SEO has taught me

I've ranked so many sites over the years from free sites, galleries and TGP's back in Y2K to affiliate programs in 2005, large blog networks in 2009, to tubes, cams and paysites now. The core concepts used to accomplish this have been surprisingly consistent over the years, but the methods and the approach I used back then are unrecognizable now due to the rapid rate of change in SEO. This reinforced in me the value in thoroughly understanding core long-term concepts that align with the goals of major search engines. I've also learned that no single strategy is suitable for every adult site. The strategy you decide to implement depends on your website, its age, its content, its purpose, its competitors, as well as on your own resources and ability. And the strategy you implement has to evolve with your growth.

What you do to climb from page 5 to page 1 is very different from what you need to do to climb from #10 to #1.

Why I started Adult SEO Training

The short version of why I started training is because of all of the misinformation floating around the industry as well as because of the many webmasters selling Adult SEO services who don't know how to competently provide them. These both result in wasted effort, wasted revenue and a growing skepticism regarding SEO services in adult.

I want to help serious programs and adult webmasters to learn what works for them, what doesn't and why. I want to end the misconceptions that are passed off as advice from seemingly reputable personalities in our industry. I want to help webmasters develop strategies that work specifically for them and that will keep them protected against future Google algorithm changes that tend to wipe out webmasters who aren't smart about their marketing.

I've been doing Adult SEO for many years and really love it, I've ranked every one of my clients in the top ten and routinely rank my own sites as well. It's what I like spending my time on so I figured I would make a business out of it.

The fact that I am sharing previously held "secrets" has upset a few SEO guys out there, but I know that making the best strategies and tools available to Adult SEO Training members can only help the industry. If anything, those looking to hire SEO help will have a better understanding of the process which in turn will place a higher value on those actually able to deliver profitable results.

Revenue is the Goal

The revenue you earn from your ranks is what matters, not the ranks themselves.

To me, this means that SEO goes well beyond just changing some meta tags, adding some keywords into existing text and firing up XRumer, SENuke or Scrapebox to blast some links. Before starting any SEO campaign I like to evaluate the potential value you might receive from a top ten rank. This means analyzing the available search traffic to the degree to where I can see how much traffic each specific rank, 1-10, gets and calculate that against your average conversion rates, and then compare that against your average earnings per sale. Only with this figure calculated will you know if attempting to earn a top rank for a given keyword phrase is worth the time, effort and possible expense.

I share many creative methods of increasing revenue with members, since revenue is the ultimate goal of any SEO campaign. Top ranks are fun to get, but are essentially worthless if they don't produce enough revenue to create a positive ROI.

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