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Adult SEO Coaching

Training videos and articles are an excellent source of initial insight into how to run the many aspects of an SEO campaign. And the training content here is especially helpful since it's all catered specifically for adult webmasters. However, without ongoing coaching it can be difficult to understand how the many principles discussed here can be applied to your own adult site. The personalized and private SEO consultation that you will receive as a Pro Member is by far the most valuable benefit of your membership.


SEO advice on its own is worthless. To advise someone properly you need to know a lot about their website including its age, history, traffic, niche, competition, its link profile as well as its purpose. Only then can you make an informed decision on the strategies that would be appropriate for that specific website. Unqualified generic advice is a waste of time.

Some sites can buy as many links as they want, others shouldn't. Some can get away with link trading while others can't. And because of this, you see webmasters telling others what works and what doesn't, based on their own personal experience. But their experience is based on their own unique situation which is likely very different from yours. Anyone who tells you to do something "this way" or to do it "that way", without knowing your website or your competition or your past marketing methods, is wasting your time and potentially your money.

How do you know if the advice will work on your own site?

Just because someone thinks that a change they made was responsible for their results doesn't mean that it was. You can't be sure that they were proficient or dedicated enough to test all viable possibilities to determine what specifically affected the result, whether good or bad. So if you take advice from a video or an article or even from another webmaster and implement it on face value, you really won't be able to predict what the outcome will be on your own site.

That is why SEO Coaching is so valuable.

As a Pro Member you will have unprecedented access to a number of resources for getting specific answers based on your specific website, your market, your past marketing efforts and based on your own unique competition.

You can use our Pro Members Q&A Board for quick and reliable answers and even for feedback on the advice given to you from others. You can use Private Discussion to keep up with the latest trends and challenges in Adult SEO and you can use our Private SEO Consultation service to ask questions about your sites, strategies and competitors, confidentiality guaranteed.

SEO Coaching helps you to take what you learn from the training content and apply it to your sites in a way that will work specifically for you. SEO Coaching will also help you to accurately diagnose the reasons behind your ranking performance so that you can be confident that you're spending your time and resources working on what is actually affecting your performance.

I hope you'll take the value of proper SEO Coaching into consideration when faced with advice from others, whether or not you decide to join Adult SEO Training. It will save you the wasted efforts that working in the wrong direction often results in.


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