Private Adult SEO Training and SEO Services

Training Membership: $47

An Adult SEO Training membership gives you full access to all training courses, minus the coaching and community features.


Coaching Membership: $297

An Adult SEO Training & Coaching membership gives you private help with your SEO, full access to all training courses and use of our private Adult SEO Q&A board so that you can get fast and reliable answers to all of your questions.



What is the actual SEO value I'll get for $297?

The value you'll receive in new traffic and sales makes your membership an exceptional bargain.
Consider how else you can use only $297.

  • You can buy a link - which may or may not improve your ranks
  • You can buy a little traffic - which will stop the moment you stop paying
  • You can pay a cheap SEO provider - experienced consultants charge thousands for quality work you can trust


With your membership, you will be hiring me as your personal SEO coach and will be getting unique strategies and suggestions on how to build traffic to your sites. You will also have a full training video and article library at your disposal and can use what you learn to build traffic to ALL of your sites, now and in the future.

Why learn SEO when I can just hire somebody?

Understanding the fundamental concepts of SEO, and being familiar with the most common SEO methods and tools, can help you to be sure the guy you hire is actually working responsibly and in your interest. Selling SEO services in our industry has a low barrier to entry and because of this it can be difficult to know for sure who has the experience to provide long-term results. As a Pro Member, you will have the advantage of being able to quickly discover what works, what doesn't and what SEO methods can help, or hurt, your rankings and reputation.

As a program Affiliate Manager, how will your training help me at my job?

A lot of the training material here can be used directly to improve affiliate sales. We have training on how to find high traffic sites, high value sites and how to quickly find the webmasters who run them. This can open up your sales leads exponentially. Also, our SEO training can help you to expand your industry skillset so that you can increase your personal salary.

I already have an SEO guy, will this help him?

SEO staff employed by larger programs can subscribe just to ask private questions and to get advice on complex problems.

I provide SEO services myself, how will this benefit me?

We can be a great source of new business for you. Every member of Adult SEO Training has proven they are serious about their SEO and will appreciate your help with questions they post to the Q&A board. Also, you will be able to use us as a second opinion and for creative ideas to help your own clients.

How many private questions do I get per month?

Every Pro Member gets one private question per month through our Private Q&A system. This private question can be used to discuss specific details or strategies related to your own sites that you need kept confidential. All other questions and discussions can be posted to our members-only boards, which I reply to personally, and are available to use with no limitations.

How often is new training material added?

I write and produce new training material to update this site with every day. Some training topics take longer to produce than others, but at the very least you can expect a new training article to be added every week and a new training video every month. In addition to this official training material I also post new SEO strategies, trends and discussions to the private boards nearly every day, as do other members.

Can I hire you for professional SEO services?

Yes, in addition to training I am a full-time SEO consultant and would be happy to discuss your SEO goals with you. Feel free to look through my additional SEO Services and then contact me with any questions or to request a proposal.