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All of the course videos here at Adult SEO Training were designed for adult webmasters to view and then discuss at either our Pro Members Q&A Board, on our private SEO discussion board or through our helpful Private SEO Coaching dashboard. This is because all concepts and strategies are generalized to relate to the majority of adult webmasters and program owners. For the training to be useful to your own sites it's often helpful to utilize our SEO Coaching to help translate the training into an actual to-do list that fits your specific site, your niche, your competition and your goals.

You will not be left alone after watching each training video. I will personally help you figure out how to take what you learn and apply it directly to your own sites.



10 Most Profitable Adult SEO Strategies

In this training video we're going to go over ten Adult SEO strategies that can directly influence your rankings, your ranking longevity and your earning potential. There are of course many more profitable strategies beyond the ten that I'm going to present in this video, but I've learned through experience that these ten are fundamental for getting, and keeping, top ranks.

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How to Find High Value Adult Links

We all know that in order to rank well in search engines we need a lot of links. We need links hitting our homepage, we need links hitting our internal pages, we need links with targeted keywords within the anchor text, and we need links that come from a wide variety of related adult sites. However, what is often, surprisingly overlooked are the true high value links; the links that have the biggest direct impact on your overall ranking.

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Fastest Way to Find Webmaster Contact Info

This training video demonstrates step-by-step a little-known system for automating the contact finding process. It enables you to find the contact info for hundreds of webmasters every day, instead of just a dozen or so, which frees up your time for more important work like actually talking to new webmasters and making new deals. Although this video is useful for anyone involved in SEO, it is especially useful for link builders and affiliate reps who typically need to invest a lot of their time prospecting for new leads.

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Fastest Way to Find Misspelled Keywords

Misspelled keywords account for a large percentage of global search traffic, and if you are not intentionally looking for some of the most common misspellings, you would never know that they are a source of real traffic. And simply because they are misspelled means there is often far less competition for them, making the traffic easier and faster to claim.

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Basic Adult SEO Principles

In this training video I discuss five of the basic, foundational, aspects of adult SEO. Keyword research, competitive research, page optimization, content preparation and the all important link building. Each of these aspects is important to any SEO campaign and my purpose for this video is to discuss the basic process for accomplishing each one, while providing an overview of how they interrelate with one another.

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How to Find High Traffic Adult Links

In this video we discuss a strategy for uncovering high traffic URLs. This strategy utilizes a tool called Scrapebox to harvest targeted URLs, another custom tool to filter the URLs according to your needs and a Scrapebox plugin to rank all remaining URLs by Alexa rank. The end result will be a list of URLs related to your own that have the traffic volume you need to make new deals.

Watch: How to Find High Traffic Adult Links