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10 SEO Myths to Ignore

This video is intended to not only to reveal some of the most common myths in SEO, but to give you some details as to why they're myths and how you can use the truth behind them to further improve your own SEO rankings and revenue.

There's so much misinformation about SEO floating around the boards in this industry that it's very easy for someone looking for answers to be immediately misled by somebody perceived to be a reputable source. This perception might be due to a webmasters post count, to his time in the industry or to his accomplishments (real or perceived). And this is a problem because all these bits of misinformation often lead to months, and sometimes years, of inefficient efforts that slow your progress.

You might be told that on-page optimizations or technical tweaks are all that's needed to rank well, or that all you need is a large network of blogs spread across a bunch of servers. You might be told that you need daily updates in order to stay on Google's radar, or that you need to invest in new content to avoid duplicate content penalties. You might even be told that black hat SEO doesn't work anymore.

Knowing the truth behind these commonly spread myths will save you real time and money. You'll be able to spend your time working on what really matters and your ranks, traffic and revenue will all increase because of it.

If you know of other common myths, or you want to challenge any of these top myths, be sure to share them on our discussion board.

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