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Basic Adult SEO Principles

In this training video I discuss five of the basic, foundational, aspects of adult SEO; keyword research, competitive research, page optimization, content preparation and link building.

Each of these aspects is important to any SEO campaign and my purpose for this video is to discuss the basic process for accomplishing each one, while providing an overview of how they interrelate with one another.

In Basic Adult SEO Principles you can expect to learn how to thoroughly research new keyword phrase ideas, how to determine the strength of the competition for different keyword phrases and how to research whether or not they're the best keywords for you to even use. You will also learn how to measure the competition for any keyword phrase in a way that goes beyond typical keyword research. I walk you through many steps that I personally use to forecast earning potential when planning a campaign.

In addition, I will discuss the importance of page optimization, adult content preparation and will explain the many aspects of link building including the importance of link velocity, link diversity, link valuation and how to use anchor text properly.

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