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Blackhat SEO for Adult

Black hat SEO is a term used to describe the practice of building and marketing websites to rank well in search engines, but in ways that go against the search engines own guidelines.

It's commonly used to describe tactics and practices such as keyword stuffing, hidden text, cloaking, blog comment spam or otherwise spamming search engines with low quality pages and links. These are all of course spammy tactics, but there's many more seemingly legit tactics that we as adult webmasters use every single day, but that search engines like Google actually consider to be black hat. Some of these tactics include trading links, buying links and running blog networks with sponsor content.

These are all fundamental methods of running adult sites so we're not going to stop these tactics of course, but we have to understand how Google views them so that we can avoid being locked out of top rankings just for using them. And that's what this training video is all about, identifying the Adult SEO techniques that we use everyday and learning to use them in ways that avoid penalties and devaluation.

If you have questions or concerns about any black hat SEO method please let us know on the Adult SEO Discussion Board so that you can get the answers and insights that you need to stay on the right track.

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