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Considerations when Ranking a Paysite

Paysites have a few inherent strikes against them, which have to be taken into consideration when going after top ranks. Paysites have duplicate content issues to consider, they typically lack content depth on tour pages, the text content is usually geared toward conversions rather than ranks and paysites are often in direct competition with other popular sites such as tubes.

Search engines like Google tend to rank sites that provide a good user experience. Tubes, for example, tend to rank well because they are large social sites fueled by user-generated content. They offer users a lot of the content they're searching for. Because of this a lot of people link to them, they have a lot of traffic and can afford to employ full-time link builders to maintain top ranks. Paysites on the other hand, from a search engines perspective, offer limited content to searchers, are typically not social-based and do not enjoy the same degree of natural popularity.

This comparison isn't intended to dampen motivation to rank paysites, but rather to illustrate some of the considerations that paysite owners have to take into account. Also, this video is intended to offer several practical tips that paysite owners can use to rank their sites more efficiently.

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