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Fastest Way to find Misspelled Keywords

Misspelled keywords account for a large percentage of global search traffic, and if you are not intentionally looking for some of these bigger misspellings, you would never know that they are a source of real traffic. And simply because they are misspelled means there is often far less competition for them, making the traffic easier and faster to claim.

Finding these keywords is not always as easy as you might think though, because how you might misspell a word is not necessarily the same as how someone from another country might misspell it. Because of this it's important to research all possible variations of the spelling of a word to find all of the misspelled variations that get real traffic.

This is normally very time-consuming, at times moreso than standard keyword research, because you have to think of misspelled variations and you have to research the search metrics on each one to know if any of those variations are misspelled often enough to create a reliable traffic source.

This video is going to demonstrate the fastest way I've found to both uncover and research misspelled keywords.

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