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Fastest Way to find the Most Popular Niches

The popularity of different niches, models and even fetishes changes all the time, and as Adult SEO's it is our job to always know what's hot, either for the benefit of our own sites, or those of our clients.

The reason this method for finding the most popular niches is useful is that it can open your eyes to the opportunities in niches you might not have otherwise thought about. We are all biased according to our own preferences and experiences. Also, as adult webmasters it is easy to find ourselves in our industry bubble, being exposed to only the programs and paysites that advertise heavily and that are talked about on the boards and at shows. The problem with this is that the most popular paysites and niches within our industry do not necessarily reflect the most popular niches out in the rest of the world.

This method of finding the most popular niches shows you what the masses are most interested in, based on what they search for and how often. It is an unbiased view of what people like, where the traffic is at, and how much competition you can expect to encounter on your way to claim your share of it. This very efficient method has nothing to do with brainstorming or Googling, it is an Adult SEO method using SEO tools, it literally only takes minutes to do and should be a part of every adult webmasters toolkit.

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