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Fastest Way to find Webmaster Contact Info

Finding the contact info for the webmaster who runs a particular site is not very difficult. You simply load the site, scroll to the very bottom and look for a webmaster link or maybe a traffic trade link, sometimes you will find an actual email displayed. If not you can check the header or navbar for similar links, maybe an About Us page and when all else fails you can do a WHOIS check to see if you are lucky enough to find an email not protected by a privacy service. If you find a contact method you can add it to your list, if not, you skip the site and move onto the next.

This normally takes about only a couple of minutes per site. Not a big deal if you are only looking through a few sites. But what if you are an affiliate rep and you need to find new webmasters to pitch your affiliate program to, every single day. Or what if you are an Adult SEO or you run your own sites and you need to find new link trades or some new sites to buy links from? In this case you are going to have to go through a lot of sites looking for webmasters to contact.

To considerably reduce the time this process normally takes I am going to demonstrate a little-known system for automating the contact finding process. This system enables you to automatically find the contact info for hundreds of webmasters every day.

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