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How To Find High Value Adult Links

We all know that in order to rank well in search engines we need a lot of links. We need links hitting our homepage, we need links hitting our internal pages, we need links with targeted keywords within the anchor text, and we need links that come from a wide variety of related adult sites. However, what is often, surprisingly overlooked are the true high value links; the links that have the biggest direct impact on your overall ranking. Of course it's no secret that high value links are necessary; the problem is that true high value links can be difficult to spot.

It's easy to assume what links are, and are not, high value within your niche. Some Adult SEO's might assume that a link from a site they know and trust should be considered high value. Others might assume that a link from a popular high traffic site should be considered valuable. However, the truth is they might be wrong in both of these cases, because the criteria that Google uses to define a valuable link is often different from yours.

This training video will discuss the criteria used to define the highest value adult links.

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