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Keyword Research

Keyword research is directly responsible for the success, or struggle, of every SEO campaign. In this video I walk you through everything you will need to know to get started with keyword research, starting with the concepts as well as a discussion covering the importance of very thorough research.

I start off by explaining the differences between the various keyword forms including single keywords, keyword phrases and longtail keywords. I then continue on to discuss what might define the "best" keywords for you to use, depending on your niche, the strength of your site, and your available resources. One of the key points explained is the need to balance available search traffic with the level of competition that you can manage.

Throughout this video you will learn a number of valuable techniques for generating scrolling lists of keywords, you will learn methods to filter out the keywords you don't want and to refine the ones you do. You will also learn how to dig up the specific metrics needed to accurately predict which keywords will work for you, and which ones won't.

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