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Link Building

In this training video, we are going to be discussing all of the details that make link building such a big topic. Link building and the resulting link popularity, is what makes or breaks most SEO campaigns. There are so many different ways to go about link building; so many different strategies and systems; and so many opinions and people offering conflicting advice on how to do everything.

This constant swirl of information regarding link building is what pushes many adult webmasters to look for that one correct way of doing it, that one way that will guarantee results, and that one system to adopt that can be repeated over and over again, so that you can focus on the many other aspects of your business.

When you search for that one proven system though, you find yourself asking other webmasters what has worked for them in hopes of avoiding that time-consuming process of trial and error. This sharing of ideas is great, but there are so many variables at play when it comes to SEO that you cannot just take what worked for someone else and apply it to your own sites, expecting the same results.

It is because of this that I decided to produce this training video. I have learned from experience, over the last 12 years, that without a solid understanding of the concepts behind link building, you will not be able to wholly know what will or will not work for you. And if you are not fully aware of all the many methods you can use to get links, you will not be able to link build as efficiently as you might need to in order to rank well for competitive keywords.

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