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Competition Research

Competition research is the process of analyzing the volume, strength and quality of other sites targeting a keyword or keyword phrase. The number of sites trying to rank for a keyword, as well as the strength and quality of the sites already ranking in the top ten are important to consider before deciding on the keyword you want to target.

Competition research is closely related to keyword research. When performing keyword research you are looking for the search volume and potential traffic of various keyword phrases. When performing competition research you are looking for both the volume of competition for that keyword phrase and for the strength of that competition. It is important to do competition research, because it is the only way to know if you actually have a chance to rank well for a keyword phrase you might be considering; and, of course, whether or not you can compete depends on your own abilities and on your own resources, so how competition is viewed will be different for everybody.

In this training video I am going to expand upon the competition research, which was introduced in the last video on keyword research, by performing live research and analysis on several different keyword phrases. We are going to examine the specific metrics needed to determine both the volume and strength of the competition, and I am also going to share my experience and the actual systems I use to both find and evaluate new adult keywords.

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