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Practical SEO

Difference Between Adult and Mainstream SEO

In this training video I discuss a number of topics intended to give an overview of how mainstream marketing techniques work and how you can adopt some of the more effective techniques of mainstream SEO into your Adult SEO campaigns.

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Blackhat SEO for Adult

Black hat SEO is a term used to describe the practice of building and marketing websites to rank well in search engines, but in ways that go against the search engines guidelines. It's commonly used to describe tactics such as link spamming and cloaking, but there's many more seemingly legit tactics that we as adult webmasters use every day, but that search engines like Google actually consider to be black hat.

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Adult SEO Ranking Factors

This comprehensive video covers a wide range of factors that all play a role in how well your websites are ranked. It also provides a useful overview of many SEO best practices. In this training video I try to explain every ranking factor as simply as possible so that you can quickly implement the concepts into your own sites.

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Considerations when Ranking a Paysite

Paysites have a few inherent strikes against them, which have to be taken into consideration when going after top ranks. The purpose of this training video is to point out all of the considerations that paysite owners have to take into account when attempting to rank their paysites. It is also intended to offer several practical tips that paysite owners can use to rank their sites faster and more efficiently.

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10 Most Profitable Adult SEO Strategies

In this training video we're going to go over ten Adult SEO strategies that can directly influence your rankings, your ranking longevity and your earning potential. There are of course many more profitable strategies beyond the ten that I'm going to present in this video, but I've learned through experience that these ten are fundamental for getting, and keeping, top ranks.

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10 SEO Myths to Ignore

This video is intended to not only to reveal some of the most common myths in SEO, but to give you some details as to why they're myths and how you can use the truth behind them to further improve on your own SEO rankings and revenue.

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Basic Adult SEO Principles

In this training video I discuss five of the basic, foundational, aspects of adult SEO. Keyword research, competitive research, page optimization, content preparation and the all important link building. Each of these aspects is important to any SEO campaign and my purpose for this video is to discuss the basic process for accomplishing each one, while providing an overview of how they interrelate with one another.

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