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This page lists some of the SEO articles and tutorials that have been added to the pro members area as weekly updates. In addition to the SEO tutorials on this page, the private members discussion area is always updated with new tips, ideas and strategies to help you improve your search optimization and your traffic. Join Adult SEO Training now and learn what's needed to gain a competitive advantage over other adult webmasters.



How to Calculate SEO Traffic Value
I've worked with a lot of adult webmasters and affiliate programs over the past 12 years and whenever goals are discussed I'm often told that the goal is traffic. The common perception of Adult SEO is that ranks equal traffic equal revenue. But this is not always the case, and it's at these times that companies get their ranks and their traffic, but not their expected revenue. It's very easy to avoid this problem by calculating the actual value of the traffic before putting in the effort to rank for a given keyword. The process itself should not be difficult and can be easily integrated with other initial analysis such as keyword and competition research.

How to Find Links Actually Worth Buying
The foundation of any adult SEO campaign is link building. You need to establish a diverse base of links from a variety of related sites, but most importantly you will need some high value links to ensure a rank in the top ten. There are a number of comprehensive training modules here at Adult SEO Training that explain how to add link diversity to your link profile, this article explains how to find those necessary high value link targets that will help push you into the top ten...

How to Scale Your Link Building
Link building is one of the most tedious aspects of Adult SEO and yet it is also arguably one of the most important. Link building is the cornerstone of all SEO, whether it's adult or mainstream, blackhat or white. No SEO campaign is complete without an effort to build new valuable links, every single day. Link building is hard work, especially if you do it right. In order to be successful with your link building, long-term, it's important that you learn to scale your efforts. This is especially true if you're working to rank for keywords alongside other big successful sites that have the resources to hire full-time link builders and media buyers. Over the past few years I've developed my own system for scaling link building that essentially breaks down into five methods.

How To Write a Blog Post That Gets Ranked
Many adult webmasters I've worked with here at Adult SEO Training build blogs with the intent of having only the homepage rank well. The true power of a blog is the ability to have many posts, eventually posts that were written years ago, permanently indexed and ranking well in search engines like Google. The goal for every adult blog should be to have many posts ranking in the top ten for many different longtail keyword phrases. This level of performance from an adult blog is not common, but that does not mean it's not possible. There are countless mainstream blogs that do this very successfully, and the formula they use to achieve this is the same I've used to replicate similar success in adult.

Does Link Indexing Work for Adult Sites
Link indexing services such as Backlinks Indexer and Nuclear Link Indexer claim they can help get more of your backlinks indexed in Google. We all know that that in order to rank well you need to have a lot of links, but only links that are indexed in Google count, because if Google doesn't find the link than it can't credit it toward your site. These link indexing services claim they can help Google find all of your links.

Page Optimization for Adult Sites
Page optimization is the first step of SEO, often performed during the development of the website. It's the process of targeting specific keywords on all of your pages within HTML tags and content. The process of optimizing a page is relatively easy, can be performed quickly and will have a positive impact on your search rankings. This article lists of several of the most important on-page optimization techniques. You can implement any or all of them to increase your exposure in the search engines.

5 Risky SEO Practices to Avoid
SEO has come a long way since the introduction of search engines. What worked in the beginning didn't work a year later, and what worked last year doesn't necessarily work now. Some strategies however worked so well throughout a period of time that adult SEO's still cling to them hoping they will continue to work today. Other strategies were just so easy to use that that some adult SEO's still use them due to a perceived lack of time to work on more efficient, more reliable, strategies. Following is a list of the riskiest SEO practices that should be avoided.

Using Advanced Search Operators to Find Links
Search operators are special commands that can narrow the focus of your search queries. Advanced search operators can be used along with footprints to further target your search efforts. By using a combination of search operators, keywords and footprints you can essentially find any number of potential link sources you might need. For example, you can use a combination of search operators, keywords and footprints to find websites, blogs or social bookmarks targeted to a specific keyword that contain any number of words useful for link building such as "register.php", "comment", "add url" and "submit".

Why You Should Spy on your Competitors
Spying on competitors sounds bad, I know. But it's actually an established business strategy practiced across virtually every industry, both offline and on. You need to know what your competition is doing in order to do it better, faster and more profitably. If your goal is to rank within the top five for a popular keyword phrase you will have more success if you study how the currently ranked top five got there, and what they're doing to stay there. Only then will you really understand what you have to do to break into that group. Researching your competitors page optimization, marketing strategy, current ranks, link profile and the rate at which they acquire new links are all essential aspects of adult SEO. In this article I'm going to outline many of the specific metrics and strategies that you should be keeping an eye on in order to keep pace with your competitors.

How to A/B Test Adult Sites
A/B Testing is also referred to as Conversion Rate Optimization, and is the process of comparing two versions of a webpage, simultaneously, to determine which performs best. A/B Testing software automatically directs half of all traffic to the original unmodified page and half to the modified version and records user activity to determine which performs best based on pre-determined goals. This method of improving the usability and conversions of websites has been a staple in mainstream for many years, however it's only now beginning to gain popularity it adult.

And because of this I thought I would share many of the strategies I've found to be most effective when running A/B tests, which I've been fortunate to have been able to do for some large programs in the adult industry.

If you're interested in running some conversion tests on your own adult sites I'd recommend using Visual Website Optimizer. I researched dozens of software providers and these guys are one of the few that allow adult, but also happen to be the most affordable while still offering all of the features of the enterprise suites.


Anchor Text
Anchor text is the clickable text used in a link. Anchor text examples include Click Here, Read More and Free Porn. Anchor text is important because it not only tells people what to expect when they click on a link, but it also shows search engine bots the intended relation between two pages. Although media content is more prevalent in adult than traditional written content, written content containing anchor text remains a necessary element for a page to rank well.

Competitive Research
Competitive research is the process of analyzing the volume, strength and quality of other websites targeting a keyword. The number of websites trying to rank for a given keyword, as well as the strength and quality of the websites currently ranking in the top ten are important to consider before deciding on the keyword you want to target.

Content Optimization
Content optimization is the process of modifying written content to focus the topic on specific keyword phrases so that it ranks well for those phrases. In past years this was usually accomplished by simply adding keywords throughout the content. Nowadays, it requires more finesse and attention to aspects such as content uniqueness, page title structure, supporting keyword phrases and synonyms, specific formatting tags and linking patterns.

Keyword Research
Keyword research is the process of comparing various keywords (or search terms) to find the ones best suited for your particular needs. Typically, the two things often considered when researching keywords are search volume and competition.

Link Building
Link building is the process of getting new links to point to your adult site. Link building can be accomplished by exchanging or buying links with another adult site, by linking to your own site from other sites you operate and by using SEO tools to automatically create the links for you. Link building is important because search engines like Google rank sites according to the volume, quality and relevancy of inbound links. The more quality links you have from sites related to your own the higher you will rank for your target keywords.

Link Diversity
Link diversity refers to the variety of link sources within an adult websites link profile, as well as the variety of link quality from those sources. Link diversity is important to maintain a link profile that appears unmanipulated.

Link Trading
Link trading is a common link building technique where a link received is traded in exchange for a link given. Links can be traded directly between two URLs or can be traded in a way where the reciprocal link originates from a URL other than the URL linked to.

Link Valuation
Link valuation is a term used to describe the process of determining how much value a link might provide. Link valuation takes into account factors such as the value and relevancy of the page providing the link, the placement of the link within the page and the number of other links present on the page.

Link Velocity
Link velocity is the rate at which you build new links. It's recommended to maintain a consistent velocity to prevent any unnatural spikes in your link building patterns. Link building in a way that appears natural, as if all of your links were obtained without your involvement, is a vital part of SEO. And maintaining a consistent link velocity is necessary to accomplish this.

Page Rank
The Google PageRank algorithm was invented well over a decade ago and since has been used as a kind of measuring stick for SEO success. It assigns every page in Google's index with a number between 0 and 10 which represents how powerful and trustworthy the page is in terms of link popularity.